Matti Salmi will take over the post as Chief Procurement Officer in the Management Board of Petwork International. Formerly served as Purchasing director at Scandinavian pet retailer Musti, Salmi will be in charge of the group’s purchasing and range development across all the countries.

CEO Timo Tervo stated that Pet Network is in an “interesting growth phase as we expand our retail networks in all markets and reinforce our market-leading position.”

“Mr. Salmi is an industry professional with a demonstrated successful track record who will strengthen our team,” he claimed.

Before Salmi has worked at Musti for 6 years, he has also served at Oy Hong Kong Import in various positions for many years.

The group works more than 140 pet stores in South-Eastern Europe through Maxi Pet (Romania and Bulgaria), Pet Centar (Croatia and Serbia), Ani Max (Romania) and Mr. Pet (Slovenia). Around 500,000 customers every year make purchases on the online channels too.

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