Vitakraft launched its new cat treats enlarging the existing Lick ‘n’ Lap™ Snack line with two new recipes. The company totally provides cat treats in four different shapes: liquid, jelly, morsels and sticks.

The new treat, Lick ‘n’ Lap Smooth Jelly, is made for cats of all ages. A pack of 5 cost $3.49. The second new formula, Lick ‘n’ Lap Meaty Gravy, can be squeezed and even contains pieces of meat inside. This treat is also sold in 5-pack for $3.49. They can both be purchased in chicken and salmon taste.

“We at Vitakraft are very excited to debut these new items to complement our full line of amazing treats for cats,” said Miguel Gonzalez, chief marketing officer at Vitakraft. “We know ‘what cats are really into’ and these treats not only are good for your pet, but good for your life with your pet.”

The new products can either serve as treat or as meal topper. Since the treats contain real chicken or salmon, they also include protein and Omega 3 acids.

The company was founded in 1837 as an agricultural retailer and developped into an international pet care and food company over the time. In numbers, the company operates in over 20 countries with more than 2,000 employees, selling 1.2 million products every day. Euromonitor says Vitakraft holds position No 1 for cat teats in Europe.

The company’s products can be purchased in-store e.g. at Walmart, Petco, PetSmart, Pet Supplies Plus and online via Amazon and Chewy.

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