The Polish game manufacturer Elite Expeditions has expanded by entering the pet food market. The company has just launched a new range of dog food products. According to sales manager Tomasz Dolat, the new quality products, sold under the Deer Dog! Brand, consist of wet and dry dog food such as snacks and treats. The latest addition are deer antler and duck meat chews.

“Our products are currently available for purchase at brick-and-mortar stores and our online shop,” Dolat stated. “We have been active in the Polish market since 1989, and today we are one of Poland’s largest game meat exporters. We mostly sell our meat to customers in Western Europe.”

The company is working on gaining an eminent position in the game-based pet food industry in Poland but is already eager to enter international markets: exporting these products “is the next step in our long-term development plan.”

“Game meat is healthy, natural and rich in high-value ingredients,” he added. “It’s a high-quality product, which is also reflected in its price, so we’re interested in selling our products to consumers in countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and many others where customers are ready to spend more on high-quality food.”

All pet food products contain at least one of there products:  with the use of deer, wild boar, pheasant and duck meat.

The family business was founded by entrepreneur Stanislaw Malec. The position of CEO is currently hold by his son Grzegorz Malec. Elite Expeditions provides the different brands Elite game meat; Dziki trop and Deer Dog! Which is produced in ist factory located in Zwierzyniec.

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