After two years pandemic, Fediaf, the European pet food industry association, convoked the first in-person meeting on 22 and 23 June. At the conference, the association presented the annual report, a new website as well as a new explanatory video. Additionally, important persons held adresses about sustainability and pet ownership.

At the conference in Brussels, At the two-day conference in Brussels more than 130 representatives from several European countries attended the internal sessions. Also, there was one session hold especially for a public audience. The members could also celebrate the 50th aniversary of Fediaf.

As part oft he conference, the participants agreed on a new constitution and chise a couple of new members as responsibles for the board and the executive committee. Annet Palamba remained treasurer and member of the board, but she resigned the presidency. Her succeeder is Rosa Carbonell, current head of the Vet Advocacy Team Europe, Middle East, North Africa (Emena) at Nestlé Purina.

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