Following the rising demand for insect protein, Protix has appointed three new people to strengthen its management team. Barry Greyling will take the position of corporate treasurer, Jeroen van der Staay will become chief growth officer and Anneke van de Geijn will be chief commercial officer.
With over 15 years of experience in banking, finance and treasury, Greyling is certified scrum master and member oft he Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments.
New chief growth officer van der Staay has gained experience in strategy, marketing and investment management in various industries.
Van de Geijn has formerly worked as including global marketing director, global sales director and commercial director for global companies.
The three new members will join the team consisting of Bas Jürgens, COO, Stijn Harms, director of projects and engineering and Eric Schmitt, R&D director.

The company produces insect-based protein and fats made of black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) which is used in human food, animal feed, pet food and agriculture. “As the only supplier of commercial products in a substantial volume, Protix has forged strong relationships with feed and food manufacturers,” said Kees Aarts, founder and chief executive officer of Protix. “Since the opening of our large-scale production facility in 2019, we have been working closely with our customers to understand their needs and are now at the exciting stage of further ramping up our production to meet increasing demand.“ “Moreover, we were able to further develop high-tech solutions to provide a natural source of protein with a low carbon footprint and generate know-how on how to make production even more sustainable and efficient,” Aarts added. “We are now in a unique position to take a big leap forward and look forward to the contributions of Barry, Jeroen and Anneke to the next milestones on our exciting journey to bring the food system back into balance with nature.”

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