United Petfood is already a steady number as full-service private label pet food producer. It offers its customers a complete variety of pet food products – all made in-house. In February, the international pet food producer of Belgian origin announced that the acquisition of British Cambrian Pet Foods is complete. This strategic move should toughen the producer’s market position even more.

A broader product range and enormous growth opportunities for both partners

According to the board of directors of the originally Belgian pet food producer, calling in the British manufacturer means a great step further to develop the company. Mid-Term the pet food producer wants to establish even more solid long-term relationships. Becoming for even more customers a one-stop solution for all kinds of pet food is a strong task on the agenda. By not only being a reliable manufacturing partner but also a guiding authority to make its customers successful, the international pet food producer has given out ambitious goals. Also, with a view on the Brexit, it might be an even wiser move to have facilities in Britain itself. Cambrian Pet Foods fits in all too well in all of these plans.

The British producer’s representatives also stress the advantages the acquisition has in store for them and see the opportunity to grow even more consolidated under the roof of the big European partner. The British producer has been founded in 1982 and since then has won a leading role in the British pet food market having three production plants and a workers force of 130 people.

Becoming bigger and stronger

Acquiring Cambrian Pet Foods adds another three production plants, more knowledge, and technology to the already existing 14 production facilities in more than 15 countries. With this takeover, United Petfood takes another giant step in strengthening its international approach to the pet food market adding the British isle. One could also say, this rising star shines even brighter now after several acquisitions last year. – It is most exciting to think about this question:

Who and where could be the next acquisition move in the growth strategy of United Petfood?