Supreme Petfoods, a prominent manufacturer in the small animal food sector, is making waves in the realm of dog treats with the introduction of their latest line, Dolly Dog. This strategic move, hailed as a pivotal milestone by Claire Hamblion, the marketing director at Supreme Petfoods, is designed to tap into the sizable market of pet owners who, as the company has discovered, also care for dogs alongside small animals. By leveraging the trust already established with their existing brand, Supreme Petfoods aims to solidify loyalty among this diverse group of pet owners.

It’s noteworthy that Supreme Petfoods is taking meticulous measures to address any concerns about cross-contamination. Specifically, the new dog treats, especially those containing meat, are manufactured in a dedicated facility separate from the one producing small animal food. This stringent approach ensures the preservation of a meat-free quality in the food tailored for rabbits and other small herbivores. The expansion into the dog treat market is seen as a strategic move by Supreme Petfoods, emphasizing their commitment to catering to a broader spectrum of pet owners.

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