Silke Middendorf is new Chief Commercial Officer of the Norwegian biosciences group Biomega.

In her new position, Middendorf, Ph.D. in Biophysical Chemistry, will be responsible for marketing and sales strategies as well as for finishing new projects. She can come with several successes in promoting commercial strategy of large businesses.

According to a statement by Biomega, Middendorf’s skills “are a perfect fit” for the company’s aim to expand in the global pet food industry.

“We are excited to welcome Dr. Middendorf to our team and look forward to all the positive contributions she will no doubt make to our business,” said Petersen.

“The Biomega business has a strong focus on connecting life sciences and nutritional ingredients with sustainability and is offering something fresh and unique to the market,” added Middendorf.

The company evolves and supplies innovative, high-quality ingredients to the global pet food industry players. Lately, Biomega enlarged its production site next to the Skaganeset Norwegian coastline to meed the increasing demand.

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