Through the investment amounting to €300,000 ($337,975) from angel investors, Tommie the Cat, a Dutch startup, changes its retail to delivering personalized boxes with “quality products” for cats every month.

“The seed capital enables us to invest in the products, the digital platform and the brand. Consumers are placing increasing demands on pet food and other necessities such as cat litter,” stated the founder Jesse Luk.

The amount will allow the company to invest in its logistics chain. This includes producing high-quality, grain-free food with fresh meat and fish, importing high-quality cat litter, and producing biodegradable cat protection bags.

The company will not focus on retailing anymore. “There is no need to calculate an additional profit margin for the retailers,” it said.

“By being in control of the customer experience and being able to charge fair prices, we can optimally deliver on our promise: everything for a happy cat from our customers.”

The Haarlem-based enterprise intends to attend on thousand cats by the end of this year and moreover, tries to expand in the rest of Europe.

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