The market research company Wizer undertook a global study about consumer behaviour of pet owners on behalf of BENEO.

2,500 dog and cat owners in the UK, USA, Brazil, Germany and China indicated in a survey that they are increasingly considering natural aspects when buying food for their pets. For more than 80% of pet owners, using less or no additives makes pet food appear healthier. Pet foods featuring natural ingredient claims have a significant influence on their purchase prospects, with 79% of pet owners checking the label for any ingredients they dislike.

Aside from the discussion about additives, the pet food owners also agree on eliminating allergens such as soy or corn since the pet food appears to be healthier without it.

More than 90% prefer buying easy-to-digest products and about 70% like to buy products with prebiotics.

Furthermore, at least half of the respondents get attracted to products alleging to be “environmentally friendly”.

Maygane Ronsmans, Product Manager Animal Nutrition at BENEO, commented on the study: “The findings of this latest pet survey highlight the rising demand from owners for understandable, cleaner ingredients labels and for healthier nutrition for their pets.”

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