Scrumbles, a brand that makes food for pets, has added new kinds of wet food for cats to its collection. This happened after they got money from BGF, which gave them £6 million ($7.2 million USD) to grow their business.

The new cat food comes in three types: pate, jelly, and shreds in broth, all with a lot of real meat. You can get them in small portions for one meal, and they come in different flavors like Chicken, Turkey, Salmon, and Tuna. They also have packs with a variety of options like Classic Jelly, Meaty Jelly, Classic Pate, Chicken Shreds in Broth, and Chicken Jelly.

These foods are made from natural stuff and have extra helpful things for the gut, like probiotics. They’re good for cats that are picky eaters or have problems with food.

Aneisha Soobroyen, who started Scrumbles, said that cat customers wanted different kinds of wet food, so they made new options. They changed their whole range to come in new tins that can be recycled. They kept their popular pate and added new jelly and shredded recipes.

The new cat food is in tins that can be recycled, which makes people who care about the environment happy.

Starting from August 4, the new cat food will be in stores in the UK like Sainsburys, Pets at Home, and Tesco. It will also be available in other stores and on Scrumbles’ website later this year.

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