“Both humans and animals are affected by inflammation, which is identified as the primary cause of illness. Founder Denise Saber pointed out that Percuro has tackled this challenge by devising a unique hypoallergenic formula that naturally reduces inflammation. This formula eliminates common allergens and inflammatory elements like beef, chicken, wheat, soy, and corn,” Saber elaborated. “Instead, we’ve introduced insect protein into a mix of carefully selected plant-based ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, yucca, and algae oil, recognized for their anti-inflammatory properties and ability to extend lifespan.”

Saber detailed the brand’s ambition to capture a segment of the luxury pet food market, stating, “Our aim is to secure 1% of the global premium pet food market, amounting to over US$180 million in revenue within the next three to five years. We’re supporting the growing worldwide demand for Percuro pet food by consistently enhancing our production capacity through co-manufacturing partnerships.”

Concurrently, the brand is determined to expand its Live Better Longer pet food line, incorporating insect protein-based cat food under the Percuro label, with a planned launch this year, Saber revealed.

Percuro undertakes collaborative pet food manufacturing in Belgium and the Netherlands, Saber pointed out, underscoring the company’s commitment to principles of sustainable development. “We align our core values with sustainable practices by sourcing nearly all of our pet food ingredients and utilizing locally-sourced recyclable packaging within Europe.”

Saber also shared that as production scales up, Percuro is actively executing its strategy to enter new global markets in the year 2023. “We’re already exporting to multiple regions across the world, including Europe, the UK, North America, the UAE, and Southeast Asia. Furthermore, we have plans to extend our reach into promising untapped territories this year.”

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