A new exciting part of the success story of a German pet food maker, JR Farm, is happening. This company is located in a town in Bavaria, Germany, called Pessenburgheim. They’ve made their production site bigger, which sets them up for more growth.

After about a year of building, they finished a new logistics center in July 2022. It’s about 5,700 square meters in size. This center has four places where trucks can load and unload, and they can store around 8,000 pallets. This big increase happened because they made the space inside taller, going from 5 meters to 7.50 meters. The boss, Stefan Ruisinger, is really happy because, for the first time in the company’s history, they have extra space in their warehouse.

They also built a new office building right next to the center. This is where the people who manage the company, the sales and marketing teams, the quality control team, and the accounting team work. This new building has three levels and was finished in September of the year before. The company spent almost 5 million euros on all this construction. They recently had an official event to open the new buildings.

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