In pandemic times, pet ownership in the UAE has increased by 30%. While Pet World Arabia took place, the released figures showed a pet industry worth of $300 million (€271.5M). Local businesses intend to increase the value to $2 billion (€1.8B) by 2025.

Although the global number of pet owners rather decrease, the UAE aims to increase the number. At the moment, there should be 1.5 million pet parents owning more than 2 million pets, especially cats and dogs. This increase has also driven the country’s pet care industry.

This increase in pet ownership, especially among young singles and seniors, has fueled the pet care industry in the country.

“COVID has effectively taken the pets and pet industry market mainstream,” said Rajesh Nair, Exhibition Manager at Pet World Arabia. The exhibition was supported by the UAE’s Ministry of Climate Change and Environment in this year.

Nair stated, that especially pet food, veterinary equipment, and grooming experienced high popularity this year. The pet fair has also offered a platform for businesses to find possibilities for investments.

According to GlobalPETS Pet World Arabia, supported by the government, will conduct a vet conference next year in April.

Other governments in the region are also interested in the pet industry. Saudi Arabian government, e.g., provides support to companies in order to establish pet food producing businesses.

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