The previous Pats Telford event hosted over 260 companies and brands. The upcoming event, scheduled from September 29 to October 1, will extend to three days for the first time.

Organizers announced the merger of the Sandown and Telford Pats exhibitions into one comprehensive show at the Telford International Centre, accommodating over 400 exhibitors. Impact Exhibitions & Events anticipates a global reach with the three-day format, attracting both overseas suppliers and buyers. Show director Gordon Thomas expresses excitement over the shift to a three-day format, citing overwhelming support from visitors and exhibitors.

This change allows exhibitors more flexibility and time to engage with customers, presenting their latest product offerings. Visitor surveys reveal the appeal of Pats Telford lies in its size, reputation, and the opportunity to meet numerous suppliers in one location. The show’s timing in late September/early October is ideal for viewing product ranges for the following year. Telford’s central location and accessibility contribute to its popularity, with plans to attract more international buyers in collaboration with Petquip.

Additionally, a new aquatics zone will be introduced at the upcoming show, catering to exhibitors and visitors interested in aquatics and water gardens. The zone will feature leading manufacturers and suppliers, reflecting the show’s updated name to the Pet & Aquatics Trade Show.

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