Meatly, a UK-based cultivated meat company, has developed the world’s first canned pet food using cultivated chicken as the protein source, in partnership with Omni, a UK pet food company. This marks a significant milestone for Meatly’s B2B strategy, aiming to be the first to sell cultivated meat for pets and gain regulatory approval for its products in the UK and Europe.

The process involves extracting cells from chicken eggs and nurturing them in a controlled environment without using any other animal products. Omni, known for its innovative pet food offerings, sees this collaboration as an opportunity to provide ethical and environmentally friendly options for pet owners.

Dr. Guy Sandelowsky of Omni emphasizes the benefits of Meatly’s cruelty-free chicken ingredient, providing essential nutrients without the undesirable components found in traditional meat. This advancement not only addresses the environmental impact of the pet food industry but also caters to the growing demand for sustainable and nutritious pet food.

While awaiting regulatory approval, Meatly plans to partner with retailers like Pets at Home to distribute its products across the UK. This development comes amidst a global trend towards alternative protein sources, with BioCraft Pet Nutrition also introducing a chicken cell line for pet foods last summer, offering a promising alternative to conventional meat.

Both Meatly and BioCraft’s innovations signal a shift towards more sustainable and ethical practices in the pet food industry, aligning with consumer preferences for healthier and environmentally conscious products.

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