MicroHarvest, a biotech company specializing in sustainable protein ingredients, has recently become a member of Food Fermentation Europe (FFE), an industry coalition dedicated to food fermentation. This marks a significant milestone as MicroHarvest becomes the inaugural player in biomass fermentation to join FFE, expanding the group’s expertise in this area.

FFE is currently composed of several innovative precision fermentation companies. MicroHarvest’s inclusion underscores the industry’s growing recognition of biomass-fermented ingredients and enhances collaboration among peers to advance a more sustainable food ecosystem, according to FFE.

Jevan Nagarajah, FFE President and CEO of Better Dairy, expressed enthusiasm about MicroHarvest’s membership, emphasizing the alliance’s commitment to pioneering new pathways for European food systems towards greater environmental consciousness.

Established in 2021, MicroHarvest employs proprietary biomass fermentation technology to produce sustainable, fermented proteins. The company’s approach leverages the rapid growth and high-protein content of microorganisms to efficiently generate scalable quantities of protein-rich foods, distinguishing it from precision fermentation, which tailors microorganisms to yield specific functional ingredients.

Katelijne Bekers, MicroHarvest’s Co-founder and CEO, highlighted the potential synergies expected from the collaboration with FFE. Bekers expressed excitement about harnessing diverse perspectives to explore the full potential of fermentation-enabled solutions. She emphasized the importance of collective action in driving positive change within the food system, believing that the transformative impact of food fermentation holds immense promise for the world.

Since its inception, MicroHarvest has secured €10 million (approximately $10.9 million USD) in funding, established a pilot plant in Lisbon, and secured a manufacturing partner.

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