Of course, you will need the one or the other restaurant during your time on Interzoo in Nuremberg. This might be a good opportunity to learn a bit more about the German cuisine. Actually, there is no such German cuisine. There are numerous regional differences, especially between the North and the South of Germany. Nuremberg as the host town of Interzoo is in the Southern area, in Bavaria. This is a state in Germany opening up to the mountains of the Alps and Italia. You will find a hearty and probably meat-centered cuisine here. Take that into account when you go out for dinner and try the variant cuisine in Nuremberg. This is no time to make a diet to lose some pounds. On the contrary, some excellent German wines might accompany a rich, tasty dinner plate. If you are a sweet tooth, also have a second look at the dessert agenda. There might be some interesting creams and cakes to make your dinner experience complete.

Characteristics of Bavarian kitchen

Roast pork and dumplings is somehow typical of this southern-based kitchen in Germany. People love meal here. Not only pork, but also venison. The potato plays a role, and also some special pasta. By the way, pasta, Nuremberg is an international town. Due to all the fairtrades which take place throughout the year, the restaurant scene is quite international. So if you prefer an Italian restaurant while you are busy at the Interzoo, you will find plenty of nice places to go in Nuremberg. Asian style can be found too. But give traditional German cuisine here a chance,too.

It is especially pleasant in Nuremberg that you will find restaurants of all prize classes. You can choose a place which has worked on Michelin stars as well as family-style restaurants for the lower budget. So just take another restaurant choice every evening while you are at the Interzoo. Surely, the hearty regional cuisine will make you happy after a long day at the Interzoo. Nuremberg is full of restaurants in the center and the outskirts of town. You should find charming people there because in spring, everybody enjoys coming together again.

Special dishes of Nuremberg

You could try

  • Nürnberger Rostbratwürtschen – special sausages with a very spicy character.
  • Ofenfrisches Schäufele – roast pork shoulder out of the oven.
  • Fränkischer Karpfen – Franconian carp fish.
  • Fränkischer Spargel – Franconian asparagus. May, time of Interzoo, is asparagus time in Germany. So give it a try.
  • Fränkischer Meerrettich – Franconian horseradish.

The Franconian kitchen has to offer some fresh, hearty meals. A typical Franconian restaurant offers an atmosphere of coziness – Gemütlichkeit. The German language here in Nuremberg has some special features, too. People are very friendly and give you a warm welcome as a guest here. So Interzoo this year should be a very enriching culinary experience, if you want to try some local dishes. Enjoy spring evening in this historical surrounding. During the Interzoo, the town is full of guests of different countries. Some of them also might have one or the other recommendation for a superb restaurant. So listen to secrets in the restaurant scene which we do not mention here. Taste is somehow individual, as we all know.

German wine

Nuremberg is in the region of Franconia in Bavaria. It is well known for some special wine variations. Germans call it “Frankenwein”- Wine of Franconia. About 80% of Frankenwein is white. Creations have such fantastic names as Müller-Thurgau, Silvaner or Bacchus. For the red Frankenwein, look for Spätburgunder or Dornfelder. Frankenwein is full of minerals. So, it develops a kind of spicy taste and is not too sweet. Mostly this is dry wine. There are also some fruity notes.

Beer in Franconia

Germany and Bavaria are renowned for their beer, too. Try Seidla beer for example. Did you know that Franconia has the highest density of breweries in Europe? Interzoo will give you the opportunity to try one or the other beer variation. Germany has a strict regulation on beer, which guarantees high quality standards and perfect purity. Eat pancakes with asparagus and enjoy a cool beer of the region.

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5 favorite places to dine in Nuremberg

It is hard to choose 5 winners among the many restaurants in the city. You will probably find your individual best place very soon during Interzoo.

1. Steichele Hotel Restaurant Weinstube

If you want to get an impression of the regional cooking scene and wines, this restaurant might be a good choice. The atmosphere represents the character of the region without becoming too cozy -“gemütlich”. The kitchen has a superb reputation, combining regional plates with an international touch. It is in the Knorr Street near St. Lorenz church.

2. Essigbrätlein

If you appreciate gourmet kitchen, try this restaurant. You find it in the Altstadt near St. Sebald church. This European cuisine has an excellent reputation in the region and two stars by Michelin. So plan with a bigger budget for the evening here.

3. C’era una volta

If you happen to love Mediterranean and Italian cuisine, this might be the right place for you. It is now known for a family-like cuisine of higher standard. You should book a table there, for many people want to eat here. It tolerates long days on Interzoo, as you even get your dinner late in the evening.

4. Namaste

This Indian restaurant is known for its delicious plates. Prices are moderate if you consider the quality of the cuisine. So, this is a hot tip for a wonderful evening after Interzoo without ruining your budget. Also in the old center of the town, you can take a nice walk around some famous sites like St. Sebaldus and then have a perfect Asian dinner. This also might fascinate international partners of yours.

5. Fantastic

This Asian restaurant is highly recommended by Nurembergers. You find it in the Fürth Street near subway station Eberhardshof. The cuisine is described as fresh and delicious and not too expensive.

Definitely, nobody has to stay hungry with this restaurant scene in Nuremberg. You find plates of all kinds and price classes. A delicious dinner is always at hand when relaxing from another day on Interzoo. Moreover, this is a good opportunity to talk about business and getting in contact with international colleagues of the pet scene.

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