According to a survey of almost 9,000 households by the UK’s Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA), 62 per cent of the British households owns any kind of pet. The Association found out, that dogs are British favourite pet with a number of 13 mio individuals (34 per cent). In 28 per cent of British homes there are 12 mio cats, while only 11 per cent of the housholds own cats and dogs (3.2 mio).

The ranking also lists 1.6 mio birds, 1.4 mio indoor poultry, 1 mio rabbits, 900,000 guinea pigs, 700,000 pigeons, 600,000 hamsters, 600,000 turtles and 600,000 horses.

Compared to last year, the number of fish increased by 60 per cent while 8 mio fish exist in aquariums (17 per cent of homes) indoors, 6.5 mio fish live in garden ponds (12 per cent of households).

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