Premiering as the pinnacle event for the pet supplies sector, Interzoo 2024, scheduled from May 7 to 10, has already achieved a remarkable feat by selling out well in advance. This surpasses the previous Interzoo in 2022, despite the addition of two extra halls. Renowned globally as the paramount platform for unveiling new products and industry trends, Interzoo 2024 covers vital segments such as dogs, cats, aquaristics, terraristics, birds, and pet food technology.

Setting records with over 2,000 exhibitors from 70 countries, occupying an expansive 140,000 square meters across 14 halls, Interzoo 2024 stands as the most extensive showcase in the history of the pet industry. The sold-out status is a testament to its international allure, attracting exhibitors predominantly from Germany, China, Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey, the USA, Belgium, and the UK.

Standout increases in registrations for stand space are observed from European countries, including Italy (+31%), Poland (+27%), and Turkey (+26%). Beyond the European landscape, heightened demand is witnessed from the USA (+60%), India (+34%), and South Korea, which has nearly doubled its display area. China, rebounding from pandemic constraints, exhibits an impressive fifteenfold growth.

Interzoo 2024’s product segments prominently feature dogs and cats (81.2%), followed by small animals and rodents (14.1%), aquariums/terrariums (13.3%), ornamental birds (11.6%), and pet food technology (8.4%).

With an anticipated influx of international visitors, Interzoo 2024 is positioned as a premier hub for industry decision-makers worldwide. The week-long event, commencing with the Petfood Forum Europe on May 6, promises to delve into the entire pet supplies industry’s supply chain, presenting market insights, innovative exhibits, and addressing contemporary issues such as sustainability.

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