The aquatics firm Sera has reorganised for two years now. In January 2021, Holger Fiebiger has joined the company and mainly contributed to that reorganisation.

On June 30, Fiebiger will leave the company at his own request because of personal reasons and career plans.“I am leaving Sera with a heavy heart; I have felt very at ease and believe that we have advanced Sera considerably during my time there. I have come to know Sera as an extremely dynamic and innovative company and know that it is well equipped for the future,” explained Fiebiger.

“We thank Holger Fiebiger for guiding us through this challenging process and determining our strategic direction. With his extensive corporate experience he provided our company as a globally active, medium-sized enterprise with valuable impetus. We are sorry to see him go and wish him all the best for his personal and professional development,” stated Sera director Michaela Ravnak-Bürschgens.

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