In a seed funding round earlier this year, Pets at Home has invested £3.6 million ($4.5M/€‎4.1M) in Good Dog Food, a producer of cultivated meat.

The manufacturer hopes to receive strategic aid in order to launch its products in the market. According to CEO Owen Ensor, they are now planning the next steps undertaking product analyses and feeding trials.

“As the UK’s leading pet care business, they [Pets at Home] have deep expertise and knowledge of the UK pet market and could be instrumental in helping us transform food for our pets,” Ensor says about Pets at Home.

Recently, Pets at Home has underlined the importance of its investments in sustainability. “If we can replace some of the meat and fish used globally in pet food with a more sustainable alternative, that would be a real step change for the industry,” COO Lisa Miao highlights.

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