Globe Buddy, an eco-conscious pet food startup, has unveiled its latest eco-friendly dog food, Globe Buddy Brown, falling under the super-premium category. Engineered with insects as a primary protein source, this launch underscores the company’s commitment to sustainability and its mission to empower dog owners to mitigate their pets’ ecological footprint.

Bjarne Gravesen Jensen, Globe Buddy’s Co-founder and CEO, emphasized the simplicity of providing a wholesome and flavorful diet for furry companions while simultaneously contributing to environmental well-being by reducing the carbon impact associated with conventional dog food.

Globe Buddy Brown features protein derived from black soldier fly larvae (BSFL), a component the company asserts promotes overall well-being in dogs, especially those with sensitive digestive systems or food sensitivities.

Beyond its nutritional merits, Globe Buddy Brown distinguishes itself for its substantial environmental advantages. The insect-based protein formula boasts a third-party verified carbon footprint, a rare feature in the pet food sector. The utilization of insect larvae further champions a circular economy, as these insects consume byproducts from the food industry, thereby curbing waste.

According to assessments conducted by Viegand Maagøe, the carbon footprint of the ingredients in Globe Buddy Brown is slightly over half that of traditional dog food available in the market. Specifically, the product generates a mere 1.6 kg of CO2e per 1 kg, showcasing a notable 47% reduction in climate impact compared to the average dog food’s 3 kg of CO2e and premium dog food’s 7 kg of CO2e.

Jensen highlighted Globe Buddy’s distinctive focus on transparency regarding the environmental sustainability of pet food. He remarked, “While numerous companies have introduced what they claim to be environmentally friendly pet foods, we identified a need among pet parents for heightened transparency regarding the environmental sustainability of their dog’s food. Our brand aims to fulfill this unmet need.”

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