On January 11, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, a division of Colgate-Palmolive, revealed groundbreaking innovations within its therapeutic pet food line, Hill’s Prescription Diet, emphasizing scientific foundations and enhanced palatability for tailored dietary needs.

The new products include a formulation for dogs with food and fat sensitivities, featuring Hill’s ActivBiome+ for comprehensive health support. Another canine option, designed for fat-sensitive dogs, also addresses urinary health. For felines, an upgraded formula targets stress management in cats with gastrointestinal issues. Additionally, new wet flavors aim to reduce stress and promote urinary health in cats.

All these products were meticulously crafted using the Science of Taste, Hill’s evidence-based approach ensuring pets find their food enjoyable in terms of format, flavor, and consistency.

Karen Shenoy, Chief Veterinary Officer at Hill’s Pet Nutrition in the US, emphasized their commitment to addressing veterinarians’ requests for optimal nutritional support. She stated, “Vets can be confident that we crafted these products using a methodology proven to appeal to pets’ taste preferences — ensuring pets not only receive the necessary nutrition but also genuinely enjoy their meals.”

Beyond the Prescription Diet offerings, Hill’s Pet Nutrition underscored the critical role of managing pet weight in addressing the pet obesity epidemic. The company stressed the importance of nutrition in raising awareness and tackling this pervasive issue.

Shenoy affirmed, “In collaboration with veterinarians, we aim to help pet parents recognize when their pets are overweight and to make the weight-loss journey a positive experience.” Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic wet and dry pet foods, designed for weight management, prioritize palatability. Notably, 96% of dogs reportedly lost weight at home in just two months with Hill’s Metabolic formula.

“Food plays a pivotal role in maintaining pets’ health. By providing pets with our best nutrition, we aspire to assist more pet families in savoring quality years together,” Shenoy concluded.

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