Fressnapf has revealed substantial plans to invest in brand-new grooming salons, both in Germany and on an international scale. At present, the chain manages over 50 salons specializing in coat care, which go by the names Fressnapf Salon or Maxi Zoo Salons in different parts of Europe. The decision to open an additional 300 grooming salons across Europe stems from the noticeable surge in customer demand for routine pet grooming in recent times.

The company initiated its inaugural grooming salons in Germany in 2016 under the brand Fellini. With the current ambitious expansion efforts, a considerable number of well-trained personnel will be necessary. To address this, Fressnapf has established its own Fressnapf Salon Academy, which, commencing this month, will oversee the certification of pet groomers both in Germany and abroad.

In this initiative, Fressnapf is utilizing a license from the dog grooming school with which it has had a working partnership since 2016. The academy aims to certify up to 53 pet groomers annually, offering comprehensive training covering both theoretical and practical aspects, including breed-specific knowledge, understanding coat composition, anatomy, recognizing ailments, adhering to breed standards, and executing pet care routines.



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