The CEO of The Petshop, Amr Hazem, talks about the company’s brand consolidation and swift delivery service, positioning it for regional expansion. According to Hazem, they’ve achieved two significant business milestones. Firstly, they rebranded the company’s online presence through domain migration. Hazem explains, the company “consolidated its various legacy brands such as Dubai Pet Food into The Petshop.” This move aimed to correct the disparity between online branding and in-store branding.

Hazem emphasizes that this unification of brands was done to bring clarity to the customers. He also points out that it was a long-term goal to align the online and in-store identities. Simultaneously, this consolidation sets up “a platform to drive growth across the Middle East.”

Furthermore, The Petshop has launched an express delivery service in Dubai, guaranteeing a 3-hour delivery powered by their own logistics fleet.

These strategic moves are in response to social-economic trends within the UAE, including“growing expat population and notable demand for a same-day (or better) delivery. Both achievements are positively positioning the company for continued growth in the region,” according to Hazem.

Since being acquired by Aliph Fund I of Aliph Capital in November 2022, The Petshop has become a cornerstone of Aliph’s strategy to consolidate the fragmented pet retail market across the UAE and the Gulf Cooperation Council.

When asked about the balance between online and physical stores, Hazem affirms The Petshop’s commitment to being a “successful omnichannel” company. He clarifies that there’s no favoring of one over the other. The aim is to prioritize and enhance both, even though online sales currently make up 57% of the sales mix, having grown by 26% since January.

Hazem teases that there are “exciting plans to open additional stores in the very near future.” Their overarching objective is to blend a growing and substantial brick-and-mortar presence with an even stronger online offering.” This, according to Hazem, is “the most effective way to consolidate” the company’s leading position in the UAE’s market and to drive growth in other Middle Eastern markets.

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