The investment business has recently completed the acquisition of Vetopia, an online retailer based in Hong Kong. The group underscores that this transaction is in line with its goal to continue investing “in the thriving pet care and retail sector” in Greater China. Vetopia caught the investment firm’s attention as it is the prominent e-commerce platform in Hong Kong. “Vetopia has fostered a loyal consumer base in Hong Kong,” Jebsen Group stated.

Vetopia offers its own branded range of pet products called Animalkind, including pet foods, treats, and supplies, alongside popular commercial pet food brands like Royal Canin and Hill’s. Dr. David Gething, the founder of Vetopia, states, We will establish new benchmarks, elevate industry standards, and ultimately enhance the lives of pets and their devoted owners throughout Greater China.”

In April this year, Jebsen Group acquired ADP Group, the owner of the retail brand Q-Pets. Jebsen’s COO Alexander Spitzy emphasizes, “As the foremost pet care retailer in Hong Kong, Q-Pets presents significant opportunities to not only tap into the domestic market but also to expand further into Greater China.”

In 2015, veterinarian Dr. David Gething and his wife, Trilby White have founded Vetopia .They initiated their venture in Hong Kong, where Vetopia initially operated as an extension of the founders’ veterinary hospital. The company later evolved into an online platform with a wide-ranging product selection. The Jebsen Group is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Jebsen & Jessen Family Enterprise, which operates in 50 countries and generates roughly $5 billion (€4.6B) in annual revenue.

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