Against all odds in 2022, the Fressnapf Group could achieve a growth in turnover by 11% (to 3.5 bn euros). Although the sales are smaller caused by inflation, Fressnapf could show its resistence in times of crisis.

The company group could reach a growth in all 13 countries. Compared to the previous year, Poland (+53%) and France (+25%) recorded the strongest increase in sales and expansion. Due to the takeover of a business rival, sales turnover in Ireland grew by 43%. Since Fressnapf did not exclusively mention German market activities, one can conclude that the level of growth is smaller than in the other countries.

Next to sales increases, the company could also increase its number of stores by 130 last year. Regarding international growth, Fressnapf intends to build up more cooperations and joint ventures such as the merger between Arcaplanet Group and Maxi Zoo and the acquisition of Unconditional Group. The online sales have increased by 34% to 329 mio euros.

Founder and owner Torsten Toeller told about the company’s history: “One crisis has followed another. Regardless of whether trade conflicts, the pandemic, supply chain problems or raw materials shortages are the issue, the only constant is change and that has demanded everything of the management. We have prepared ourselves properly for this and as a financially stable company we are benefiting from our resilient business model and our strategy of an omnichannel eco-system.”

“We are growing sustainably in all countries and channels,” added CEO Dr Johannes Steegmann. “Nevertheless, our customer base has become considerably more price-sensitive due to inflation and rising energy costs along with the increasing cost of living. With our ‘Fressnapf Friends’ customer loyalty programme we have succeeded in winning over new and existing customers.”

Only six months after the launch, the programme reached a sales intersection of 50% in Germany, France, Austria and Poland. Steegmann stated: “We are finding in parallel that not only are daily requirements covered by us, but that new and innovative additional services of our eco-system are gaining in importance.”

A modern IT platform will provide a basis for expansion, services and more offerings. “On this we will offer products and services catering to individual requirements 24 hours a day, seven days a week for pet lovers to be able to experience the eco-system. They benefit from a central customer account, for example, as the sole access to many different omnichannel services. This is how we fulfil our mission of making the life of people and pets together simpler, better and happier,” says Steegmann.

Intending to make the way from supplier to care provider, the Fressnapf Group will invest over 100 mio euros of ist own means. “We are following our path consistently and investing our own funds in the expansion and modernisation of our branch network with over 100 new stores per year, in digitalising our business model and in extending our logistics network,” stated managing director Christian Kümmel.

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