Presenting “Spotlight on Pets,” Zoomark introduces a visual identity project that marks a departure in its communication style. This includes the introduction of new colors, a shift in tone, and the adoption of a fresh slogan. Organizers are optimistic that this innovative approach will elevate the pet fair in Bologna to a prominent international position within the pet supplies industry.

With the new tagline, “Bigger and Bolder,” Zoomark sets its sights on surpassing previous editions in terms of exhibition space, stand count, and global attendance. Simultaneously, it signifies a heightened level of ambition in their endeavors and objectives. This extends an open invitation to all B2B professionals in the pet supplies sector, encouraging them to elevate their own efforts.

The 2025 edition, scheduled for May 5 to 7, promises a host of special projects, events, and in-depth discussions. These additions will enhance the participation experience in Zoomark, providing even greater engagement and a wealth of significant insights for business development.

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