THE PACK proudly announced its attainment of B Corp certification from B Lab, marking a significant milestone as Europe’s inaugural plant-based pet food startup to achieve this accolade. Damien Clarkson, co-founder of THE PACK, emphasized the importance of this certification in building trust with customers. He stated, “Being a B Corp means that THE PACK is held to high environmental standards of verified social and environmental performance. So, when we say we are a mission driven company, or we care about the environment or have good governance, we can back this up through our B Corp Certification as we have been externally assessed and will continue to be reassessed every three years.”

Clarkson also noted that THE PACK’s B Corp certification is just one facet of the company’s multifaceted commitment to sustainability. In 2021, the company made its debut with plastic-free packaging and is presently introducing its inaugural dry dog food formula, Oven Baked Crunchy Feast, in paper-based, FSC-certified packaging.

Beyond utilizing eco-friendly packaging, THE PACK’s formulas prioritize sustainability by exclusively incorporating plant-based ingredients.

The process of achieving B Corp certification involved a comprehensive assessment of THE PACK across five crucial impact areas: governance, workers, community, environment, and customers. This evaluation encompassed aspects such as ingredient and packaging sourcing, employee treatment, environmentally conscious product delivery, formula production and testing practices, community engagement, and more. THE PACK secured an impressive Overall B Impact Score of 82.6, notably surpassing the median score of 50.9 typically attained by standard businesses that undergo this evaluation.

Clarkson further expressed, “For us at THE PACK, the sustainably led way was the only way to try and do things as a brand.

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