Alpha Pet Ventures, a leading digital brand platform for premium pet food in Europe, has named Burkhard Friedrichsen as its new B2B sales director for Germany and Austria. Formerly the marketing director for Trixie in these regions, Friedrichsen’s appointment emphasizes the company’s ongoing commitment to distribution through its subsidiary, Premium Pet Products. This move is expected to bolster support for pet retailers even further.

Starting from November 1, Friedrichsen has assumed responsibility for marketing at Alpha Pet in Germany and Austria. He takes the reins from Christian Maerzke, who transitions into the role of chief sales officer. Maerzke will now oversee marketing in Germany, Austria, and the UK, while also focusing on international clientele.

Alpha Pet is dedicated to promoting its own brands exclusively, including Wolfsblut, Wildes Land, Herrmanns, and Müllers Naturhof. The company’s objective is to sustain substantial growth surpassing the market average and to keep customers engaged through top-tier products and services.

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