Zoomark International fair in Bologna could register over 15,000 visitors in November. 30 per cent of all visitors came from abroad from 82 different countries. Due to coronavirus, the fair had to been scheduled from May to November. To make this possible, the company cooperated with BolognaFiere.

The last in-person event in May 2019 attracted 26,000 visitors. But one can barely compare the numbers from the last edition with the recent one. The pandemic was the main reason why people could not attend in such an amount, but regarding the circumstances this was a great success according to the organisers. For exmple, just a few amount of people could travel from Asia or USA because of the lasting restrictions. The infection high rates in Germany and eastern Europe complicated the journey from these countries to Bologna too.

Although, the great mood at the show among exhibitors and visitors showed how much all participants waited for an in-person event. Praise has been given to the satisfactory and professional organisation of Zoomark International under coronavirus conditions, say the organisers.

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