Natura Plus Ultra Pet Food, a french pet food producer, revealed plans on expanding in Western Europe. Therefore, the company extended the production area of its factory in Estillac in 2021. The doubled space of 8,000 square meters (86,110 square feet) helps rising its sales in the upcoming year.

Matthieu Wincker, president and founder of Natura Plus Ultra Pet Food, said the company offers a wide range of pet food for cats and dogs, and aims to accelerate its growth next year owing to the expansion in Estillac.

“We offer our products directly to consumers, as we don’t sell our factory’s output to retail chains or distributors,” Wincker said. “We have been developing our brand, Ultra Premium Direct, since 2014, and we currently have about 90,000 subscribers in France whose pets we feed.”

Regarding 2021, the business‘ can register sales of about €33 million (US$37.4 million). In 2022, this number shall be increased by 50%. “By 2025, we want to post annual sales of €150 million, and we believe that, with our new shareholder, our expansion will accelerate in the coming years,” Wincker said.

Last May, Natura Plus Ultra Pet Food received funds of  €68 million (US$77.1 million) from the pet food industry investment by Eurazeo. The company also plan on developping and launching new freeze-dried pet food products.

“In 2022, we plan to add new markets to our portfolio, and start offering our services in Germany and Italy. We will supply our factory’s output also to these two markets,” Wincker said. “To secure our storage capacities in Germany and Italy, we will begin by signing contracts with local logistics companies that will act as our subcontractors. At a later date, we could invest in our own local storage facilities there.”

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