The French family company Zolux Group has built a new plant in Abrera (20km from Barcelona). Out of the 3 600 m² warehouse, Zolux Iberia will supply Spanish and Portuguese customers with around 3,500 products of Zolux and Laboratoire Francodex brands.

Zolux Iberia has emerged from a cooperation the Zolux Group and the Spanish company Pisciber Bio Secure Fishes. Pisciber was formed 10 years ago after the two biggest live animal suppliers for pet stores in Spain have merged. Pisciber Bio Secure Fishes is focussed on importing and distributing ornamental fish and other aquatic animate being.

7 marketing representatives will be part of the team at Zolux Iberia. The company will participate at the Iberzoo + Propet trade show in Madrid from 15 – 17 March.

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