The online retailer Zooplus does not stick to latest price increases by pet food manufacturer Royal Canin. The retailer has informed its customers about the “excessive” price increase on the platform but has also asserted that it will not pass the increase to pet owners.

According to Zooplus, there will be “difficulty” in providing the full product range and shoppers shall expect to “experience higher out-of-stock” on Royal Canin. An official statement though was declined by the retailer.

Indeed, Royal Canin said to GlobalPETS that the raw materials, the company uses for its products, are “greatly affected by rising costs” such as inflation in packaging, energy and delivery. Royal Canin aims to “absorb(e) these rising costs as much as possible” since it still wants to offer cats and dogs with “high-quality, precision-engineered food” by not forfeiting any quality.

In July last year, Tesco has already rejected “unjustifiable” price increases by Whiskas and Pedigree.

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