The Indian company Wiggles intends to put $5,5 million into research and development. The concern aims to advance the launch of new products.

Since 2018 Wiggles is specialised not only in selling products for pets but also various services such as an on-call veterinarian, behavioural sessions for pets or grooming services.

The business divides itself into two sections: an online e-commerce platform for about 42 different products and the sale of services offline. It can register about 30,000 in total whereas the offline pet care services are only available in Mumbai and Pune at the moment.

Anushka Iyer, the founder and chief executive officer of Wiggles explained:

“Wiggles has been at the helm of India’s pet care industry. Over the last 3 years, our bond with pets and pet parents has only strengthened and this has given us a deeper insight and understanding into the needs of pets and their parents. Leveraging these learnings and insights, we have been able to introduce products that filled grey spaces and created new categories.

Products like our Instant Pet Sanitizer, CannaPaw, Dentapet, Stripzy, Wet Food, Cocotail, Hemp Seed Oil are loved by pet parents across India. It is our excellence in service that has helped us identify age-old gaps in our existing system making way for such need-of-the-hour products. Our preventive care approach and focus on healthcare has successfully positioned the brand as a trusted partner of choice for pet parents especially loved by Gen Z and millennials.

With the new infusion of funds, we will continue to invest in research and dial-up our offerings that will further add value to the pet care ecosystem. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that pets live longer and healthier lives and we can be their #PartnersInPethood right from puppyhood to seniority. We are excited to welcome Anthill Ventures, Panthera Peak Ventures and other new investors in this journey.”

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