Nor-Feed, a French manufactory for animal nutrition and health, discloses a new factory in Chemillé in western France. It provides the opportunity to increase the concern’s quantity of exports to pet food companies which is Nor-Feed’s main foothold right now.

A manager at Nor-Feed, Olga Noel, enumerates the company’s four main products for pet food industry: Nor-Balm, Norponin Opti, Nor-Spice AB and Durelax.
“All of our products are developed and produced in France in our facilities. We are a science-based company and have a short product range as we are characterizing and standardizing our solutions while offering documented claims that our customers can use on their packaging,” Noel explained. “Nor-Feed is an agile company, and we are able to develop 100% natural solutions to suit pet food companies’ needs.”

In relation to organic pet food production Noel said Nor-Feed “exclusively manufactures plant extracts and nothing else. Our solutions are certified for organic pet food production according to European regulations.” She added, that the region, where the new factory is located, France’s Anjou region, is the country’s aromatic and medicinal plant hub.

According to Noel with a size of 2,500 sq. meters (26,900 sq. ft) Nor-Feed is able to produce bigger volumes, so that the company can keep up with the growing market demand.“The export market represents 75% of our sales now, while the French market sales continue to show a double-digit growth,” Noel stated. “We sell our solutions to over 50 countries.”

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