According to an announcement by the foodtech company Volare, the insect-based ingredient producer will build its first industrial-scale manufacturing facility in Järvenpää, which will be the first of its kind in Finland. The factory will focus on the production of insect-based proteins and lipids to be used in aquaculture, pet foods and other food products.

Volare was founded in 2021 and aims to “bring true circularity into food production” by the production of insect-based ingredients to minimize environmental impact. Alvar Pet’s Bug dog treats and Leo & Wolf’s seed bar for birds have already utilized Volare’s ingredients.

“It is true that our eating habits are becoming more and more sustainable slowly — but this won’t happen overnight,” said CEO Tuure Parviainen. “However, we can change the dietary habits of fish and pets much faster and make a direct impact on the emissions.”

The factory will produce around 5,000 tons per year using a technology that needs 30% less energy.

“We produce high-quality protein and lipids from the side streams of food production, and this has an extremely positive impact on the environment,” Parviainen stated. “With the new facility, we will be able to respond to the growing demand of climate-friendly protein in Europe.”

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