The insect-based protein producer Volare cooperates with the Finnish pet food brand Dagsmark Petfood Oy to develop a insect-based pet food which shall be in stores this month.

“I think every cat owner is aware how picky eaters our feline friends can be, so using Volare’s protein in cat food is a big milestone for us,” said Tuure Parviainen, CEO Volare. “We now have a seal of approval like no other as the most critical taste-testers have approved our product’s taste and quality.”

By using Volare’s protein out of black soldier fly larvae (BSFL), Dagsmark follows its mission to offer sustainable pet food high in quality.

Both new cat foods, named Dagsmark GEPARDI and Dagsmark PUUMA, will contain the insect-based protein as well as locally sourced chicken to offer a healthy and well balanced nutrition in a sustainable way.

“Cats are hunters and carnivores, so we’re highly aware that they rely on nutrients found only in animal products,” stated Dagsmark’s marketing director Janica Finneman. “Finding sustainable alternatives for these nutrients is very important to us — by replacing even a small portion of a cat’s diet with insect-based protein or locally-sourced chicken can have a big impact on their paw print.”

Volare has just recently revealed its plans to build the first industrial-scale facility in Järvenpää in order to manufacture insect-based proteins and lipids, pet food and other foods products.

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