According to a survey by Thailand’s College of Management Mahidol University (CMMU) asking 1,046 pet parents, 34% assume pet ownership to be a social prestige. 2 out of 10 respondents think that their pet relieve pressure.

40.4% own a dog, 37.1% have a cat and 22.6% prefer more exotic animals.

Nearly 40% of respondents are willing to spend from between $300 (€275) to $600 (€550) a year on their pets. Grooming services and haircutting respresented 61% of all services.

The spending on pets is rising continuously. Pet parents owning a dog spent with THB184.6 ($5.33) per shopping trip. Cat owners spent a little less with THB125.4 ($3.62).

Research from Wag! Lately found out, that 49% of baby boomers in the US treat their pets as children, in contrast to more than 33% of Gen Z rather treat their pets as best friends.

There was also discovered a difference in spending: nearly 75% of Gen Z pet parents spend money on premium grooming supplies and services. Around 55% of all pet owners buy their loved ones clothes and accessoires.

On average, Americans spend $50 (€46.6) to $100 (€93.2) on pet food per month.

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