The Swedish manufacturer Voff Premium Pet Food has announced the acquisition of raw pet food manufacturer Energique. Voff intends to push its business in central Europe by entering the Dutch market. Energique shall also extend the company’s brand and product range such as veterinary-accredited pet food for clinics in Belgum and the Netherlands.

CEO of Voff, Mårten Bernow, stated that Energique has been on its “radar for a long time” since they both have the “passion for enabling healthier and happier pets.”

Since Voff’s founding in 2014, the takeover of Energique is the company’s ninth overall. Esmae Minne and Karel Nijholt, current owners of Energique, will pass on operational management to future Managing Director Jan Fokko Nijdam later on. The natural dog and cat food manufacturer Energique was founded in 1988 and acts in the Netherlands and in the international pet food market.

Last year in September, Voff already acquired the dog treats company Nova while the Swedish company was itself acquired by the private equity company Axcel earlier in the year.

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