The British startup Truggs which predicates to be the first in the UK producing fresh dog food out of insects, could raise €443,000 (£500,000) in a pre-seed round. Truggs intends to use the money to extend its existing product range and launch a new range of treats for dogs. Furthermore, the company wants to implement new features like pet wellness to its services on the platform.

Truggs utilizes a proprietary algorithm and subscription service to provide dog owner with customized health pland and meal proposals.

“It took us over 2 years of research and development to be able to make such a product due to the complexities of integrating insects into a fresh product,” founder Harry Bremner said to GlobalPETS.

Truggs is exclusively operating in the UK and as to Bremner, the company is not aiming to expand into other markets. “We’ve already had requests to sell to foreign markets due to the uniqueness of our product,” he added.

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