In a report by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), researchers examined countries which are the best importeurs of US agricultural products. The Philippines is the seventh-biggest market US agricultural exports and in 2021 it was the ninth-largest market for exports of US dog and cat food.

Euromonitor recorded pet food sales of $397 million in the Philippines last year. $331 million were reached by dog food sales while cat food sales accounted for only $61 million.

The pet food sales is though expected to increase by 9% to $434 million this year since a survey by Rakuten in 201 showed that 67% of all Filipinos are dog owners and 43% are cat owners. Pet parents in the Philippines buy their pet food mostly in supermarkets, hypermarkets, warehouse clubs and mom-and-pop stores. Only one third of all purchases is made in pet shops. Retailers have started to cooperate with private label brands to provide pet food at lower prices.

The report by the USDA FAS carved out that dog and cat food have the “best product prospects” for US exports to the Philippines. Currently, the Philippines import most oft he pet food from Thailand (36%), followed by the US (26%) and the EU (15%). US importers though have to face higher tariffs and more expensive shipping rates in comparison to Southeast Asian Nations.

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