German pet food producer Bosch Tiernahrung looses three long-term members of the company.

On May 1, Reinhold Habel retired after serving 33 years for the company, especially responsible for sales operations for Bosch and Sanabelle brands and private label products.

Dr Ralf Nuhn has been more than 23 years with Bosch and is going to step down on 1 July. He mainly worked in the field presenting the brand to speciality retailers.

With almost 40 years, Dr Franz-Josef Neumann, who will leave on 1 July too, has been part of the company for the longest time. He worked in the scientific department.

The company has already chose succeeders: Steffen Dill will take the responsibility fort he brand business and Martin Kreiselmeyer will be in charge of sales activities for private brand.

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