According to local media reports, the Czech family-owned company Vafo Group has acquired Dagsmark a pet food manufacturer from Loimaa today.

The business transaction was concluded today. The Vafo Group already owns two pet food companies in Finland. The Czech Vafo Group is purchasing Dagsmark, a pet food manufacturer from Loimaa. The transaction was completed on this Wednesday, according to the press release from the transaction parties.

According to Vafo, Dagsmark will continue to operate as an independent company, and all the personnel will be transferred to the service of the new owner. According to the companies, operations at the Loimaa Mellilä plant will continue normally.

The Vafo Group already includes Prima Pet Premium oy in Finland and Vafo Finland oy, a dry pet food factory completed last spring for Nokia. Dagsmark will become a sister company to the mentioned entities.

The Finnish companies will continue to operate separately but will intensify their collaboration.

Dagsmark has done an excellent job. The company’s growth has been tremendous. “We see significant growth potential in the Dagsmark brand and the opportunity to expand into other Nordic countries,” says Timo Pärssinen, a member of the Vafo Group’s management team, in the company’s press release.

For us, the acquisition is absolutely positive. “With the new owner, we gain more resources and expertise and the opportunity to invest more in product development than before,” says Riikka Koskenohi, CEO of Dagsmark, in the press release.

The acquisition has no impact on the domestic quality of Dagsmark’s products.

Dagsmark Petfood was founded in 2016 and generates a turnover of 13 million euros. The Vafo Group was founded in 1994, with a turnover of around 480 million euros.

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