Lyka Pet Food, an Australian innovator in fresh dog nutrition, has unveiled a cutting-edge manufacturing facility and distribution hub in Dandenong South, Victoria, following a substantial $16 million investment. The venture is poised to generate over 100 employment opportunities in the region, according to official statements from the Victoria State Government’s Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry, and Regions.

At the heart of this new facility are state-of-the-art production lines incorporating automated technologies, alongside an expansive distribution center. These strategic upgrades aim to quadruple Lyka’s distribution capacity, strategically enhancing operational efficiency and aligning with the company’s commitment to maintaining essential nutrients in their processed canine diets.

A considerable proportion of the ingredients utilized in Lyka’s fresh dog food offerings will be locally and sustainably sourced in the vicinity of Victoria. Leveraging regional partnerships with supply chain entities, logistics providers, and agricultural suppliers, Lyka underscores its dedication to supporting local industries.

Lyka’s unique business model involves a direct-to-consumer approach, facilitated through its robust e-commerce platform. The company, having already delivered over 30 million meals to dogs across Australia, stands as a leading force in the market, providing pet owners with a convenient and tailored nutritional solution.

Co-founder Dr. Matthew Muir, an integrative veterinarian, collaborates with a team of skilled veterinary nutritionists to craft Lyka’s dietary formulations. These diets are meticulously tailored, taking into account individual factors such as weight, breed, lifestyle, and activity level, underscoring Lyka’s commitment to personalized pet nutrition.

In a country where almost 70% of households own at least one pet, Lyka’s newly established facility aims to meet the escalating demand for not just nutritious but also locally sourced and sustainable dog food options. Beyond meeting consumer needs, the facility contributes to the robust food and beverage manufacturing sector in Victoria, employing over 77,000 individuals and boasting an estimated value of around $40 billion.

Since its inception in 2018, Lyka has garnered significant investments. Noteworthy funding rounds include over $1.57 million in seed funding during 2019 and 2020, followed by an additional injection of $6.5 million AUD (approximately $4.81 million USD) in July 2021. In 2023, Lyka proudly announced a substantial Series B funding totaling $55 million, signaling robust confidence and support for its innovative approach to revolutionizing fresh pet nutrition.

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