Throughout the upcoming Interzoo event spanning four days, attendees can engage with crucial themes and trends in the pet industry through concise conferences, special exhibitions, and presentations. The inaugural day will shine a spotlight on sustainability, featuring the Interzoo Sustainability Session where participants will delve into and discuss the latest findings from the sustainability study. Moreover, insights into unique features and trends in selected markets will be explored during the Interzoo Country Sessions.

Hall 3 will host the Fresh Ideas Stage, a dedicated platform showcasing emerging business concepts in the pet sector. Start-ups and innovators will have more than 30 slots available across all four show days to deliver brief talks covering forward-thinking topics and products, spanning categories such as food, accessories, tech, and sustainability. The entrance area’s Product Showcase will spotlight cutting-edge and inventive products.

Numerous opportunities for networking will be facilitated through exhibitor events and the official Interzoo party scheduled for May 9th.

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