The international pet supplies sector is watching the conflict in Ukraine with compassion for Ukrainian people at the same time being heavily concerned about the economic consequences.

Some representatives of industrial companies spoke to PET stating that hardly any pet food products could be delivered to Ukraine since Russian invasion. Because of the conflict, the shipping companies cannot transport any goods to their customers. Thus, all industrial companies are in touch with local distributors searching for solutions to provide pets food supply even under war conditions.

Delivering products to Belarus and Russia has also become significantly more difficult, it is reported. All EU states bordering Russia have banned Russian and Belarusian flights from their airspace and transporting goods to their destination by road is extremely difficult. Problems with Russian customs have further exacerbated this situation.

Reportedly, the product delivery to Belarus and Russia is hardly possible since all EU states next to the countries have restricted any flights. In addition, there are great problems with Russian customs that have contributed to impair the situation.

Excluding Russia from the banking communication network Swift adds more problems transporting goods. Companys in the pet food industry fears further increasing prices of raw materials since Europe is dependent from Russian gas.

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