To simplify UK company’s access to produts, the government has launched the Developing Countries Trading Scheme (DCTS). The scheme reduces tariffs on goods especially originated from least developed countries.

The the Generalized Scheme of Preferences (GSP) used hitherto will be replaced at the beginning of 2023.

According to Anne-Marie Trevelyan, international trade secretary of the United Kingdom, the scheme is “one of the world’s most generous trading schemes with developing countries today.” The DCTS shall go further than the European Union’s GSP by including tariff reduction on a lot more products.

The businesses will have to pay more than than £750 million ($860.7 million) less import costs per year.

“As an independent trading nation, we are taking back control of our trade policy and making decisions that back UK businesses, help with the cost of living, and support the economies of developing countries around the world,” Trevelyan said. “UK businesses can look forward to less red-tape and lower costs, incentivizing firms to import goods from developing countries.”

65 countries are included in the DTCS, of which some belong to the poorest worldwide. Generally the scheme shall easen compley trading rules like rules of origin and removing seasonal tariffs.

Though, there will still be the possibility to exclude countries violating human rights labor rights or environmental conventios. According to government speakers, the DCTS shall help to fight poverty in the UK. The Prime Minister announced the establishment of a Trade Center of Expertise supporting an active, global trading system.

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