Taiwan aimed to increase its pet food exports by 44% last year and also expanded its presence on markets in bordering countries. According to the Taiwan Council of Agriculture (COA), 1,922 short tons of pet food were exported.

Official figures say, these exports were worth $17.66 million (€16.2M) while the previous year’s exports accounted for $12.2 million. The value of dog and cat food has risen by 337% since 2016.

According to Deputy Director of the Department of Animal Industry, Chiang Wen-chuan, the company has always imported pet food but is now “becoming a focus for domestic producers”.

These days, pet food manufacturers from Taiwan are expanding into international markets like Malaysia, South Korea, the Philippines and Hong Kong.

Pursuant to Chiang, Taiwanese pet owners favour Taiwanese pet food that includes supplements for dental bones and older pets.

Last year in July, reportedly, the COA has tried to initiate changes in legislation in order to make local producers investing in natural pet foods.

MarketWatch expects the pet food market to anually increase by 4% until 2031. Dry pet food shall account for 80% of the market.

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